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Gordon expresses his appreciation (follow-up)

The people at Communitas helped me through a very difficult time during transition, especially with my being in a new city and I didn't speak the language. They found ways to treat me as a human being, something I had not had in a long time and that meant a great deal to me. 


The first person Peter introduced me to was Paula. She was such a character but with a heart of gold. They started a support group which introduced me to several people whom I still maintain contact with all these years later.  They still help me to this day. I can tell you that if it wasn't for Communitas, I would be back in jail right now, probably for life.  I owe my freedom to them. I owe them my undying gratitude, for they treated me as a human being and not as an animal as I was used to being treated by the system.


When the time came for transition from the halfway house to being on my own, the people from Communitas were there to help.  The people that were supposed to help me, for example CSC, looked upon me as no longer their problem.  It was the people from Communitas who took their time to help me get set up on my own.  They helped me to become the person I am today, and I really appreciate wholeheartedly what they have done for me.

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